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Before I go to Xiamen...

...I want to write.


Recently I've been going to MMA class and running 30-40 minutes at the gym. I've been eating well as well as listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers quite a lot. One thing I did do was I finally went to WARHAMMER when they were open.

最近我去上MMA课,也去健身房跑步三十到四十分钟。我也吃好吃的食物,我听Red Hot Chili Peppers很多。这个星期我终于去了WARHAMMER买东西。


I went there so that I could buy a Chinese version of the Warhammer 40k rulebook but they didn't have them anymore so I looked for some miniatures that my dad wanted to buy for Blood Bowl. They didn't have anything that he wanted either. I saw, out the corner of my eye, some beautiful lookin' Lord of the Rings miniatures that were not there before. I dug through the entire small display seeing what the store had. I was satisfied with three boxes, Uruk Hai, Orcs and (of course) the Fellowship. I told myself, "If this is more than 1000 Yuan I won't buy them." Turns out they were only 750 Yuan so guess who has some nice miniatures?

我去的原因是我想买中国的规定不过商店没有所以我看爸爸想买的东西。商店也没有然后我看见了好看LOTR的玩具。我把LOTR的玩具都看了。我很喜欢三个箱子。一个是Uruk Hai,一个是兽人,最后的箱子是英雄。我对自己说,“是不是一千以上,那我不会买”。我还好因为三个箱子只是要七百五十元。你可以猜测谁有新的玩具吗?

It took me about 3 days to paint these guys fully. The pictures I have posted are when they were 50% done. I'll update with better pictures later of them complete. I still have to paint the Fellowship and the Orcs but this does give me a good starter army for the game if I ever wanted to play. I might go and try to play at the WARHAMMER store because the Chinese guy there was very talkative and helpful. For some reason I don't like the British guys there... I don't know why.


Last post about my birthday I forgot to write about how my friend had given me a birthday gift! She gave me this cool 1:6 scale Sniper Figure. I've bought a lot of things but I've never bought myself a 1:6 figure but now that I have one... I like them. When she gave me the gift I thought it was pretty cool but didn't actually look at it until I had gotten home. This dude is cool and the details on him are great! She also bought me a "puzzle rifle" (that is what the box calls it) which is a 1:6 scale rifle that can be used with the Sniper Figure. My own awesome sniper action figure. You might see future posts of him going on little "adventures".

上更博我忘了对你们说我的女朋友给我一个生日的礼物。礼物是一个狙击手的玩具!我买了很多的东西但是我从来没有买这样的玩具。现在我有这种玩具...我很喜欢它们。玩具很酷,质量也很好! 她也给我买给狙击手的武器。我可以用狙击手核武器一起。现在你可能看捡来的更博关于狙击手的奇遇~

So my week has been going well. I hope your guys' week is going well or better!


What have you all done this week?



Music: BBno$, edubble, RHCP

"Even when lead astray, you can always find the right path."



英雄 hero
野兽 beast
兽人 beast man (orc)
箱子 box
猜测 guess
有帮助 helpful
服务员 worker
更博 update/post (online)
质量 quality
奇遇 adventure


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