A month later... (一个月以后...)


Wow, It's been almost a month since I've written. My last post was February 2nd and I saw I attempted to write a post when I got back from Xiamen (厦门) but I never finished it. Sometimes it is boring to write these posts. Today I'm sore and recovering so I decided I might as well recap what I've been doing!


Left to right, Ma Qiu (round sesame seed things), You Tiao (Long fried things), Xian Dou Hua (Salted Tofu Soup), More Tofu Soup with Sour Hot Noodles, Ma You noodles (Really weird but good), Lots of Hot pepper dishes, Fried Egg "Pancake", (Final Picture) Lion's Head meatball, Pork Chop, and noodles with Kao Fu (Tofu) and veggies.

Of course, I've been eating lot of different Chinese foods while going around with my friend. Lots of noodles, street food, hot peppers and pork! I've even gone on my own and taken my parents to various different restaurants so that they too can experience real (and delicious) Chinese food.

Along with eating food all over the place my mom and I actually went to a class on how to cook "Yuan Xiao" during the Lantern festival (which is called "Yuan Xiao Jie"). I think the meat ones (top) turned out pretty well but we still have yet to eat the bean paste ones for dessert as we eat big dinners. It was a fun class and we met many people, some who had cooking experience and others who were just there for fun. I think now I feel comfortable creating the bean paste ones that I could do it on my own in the US.


Surprisingly, I bought some new shoes but there is a reason for that. I went to a popular Chinese brand of shoes called "Feiyue" and decided to buy a pair (actually 2 pairs) of shoes so that I can have shoes for this new activity I had started. The black ones are the ones I use for this "activity" and the white ones I bought because they have a cool dragon and the great wall on them. Probably will wear them in the USA or something.


Now, that new "activity" I was talking about is this... I've started training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi! I finally found a school nearby in Shanghai. Sadly, I am only here for one more month. Luckily, I was able to negotiate the price with them and they've allowed me to practice both 3 times a week. The training so far has been tough on my legs and flexibility. My hamstrings are really sore after and so are the tendons near my ankles as both Kung Fu and Tai Chi use your legs more than anything else. I know that after a month I won't be able to use Swords or Spears but its a nice start for me.

新的事情是...我开始练习功夫和太极拳!我终于找到在上海的武术馆。伤心,我在上海一个月。还好,我和武术馆聊天了然后他们让我练习一个月!一个星期三次~ 我已经练习了三次然后我觉得功夫和太极拳很难。我的大腿很酸痛。

I train at a place called Shanghai Kung Fu Centre if you're interested in finding a place to train.


That's really all that I've been doing. I'm still training in Muay Thai at Absolute MMA but I have stopped weight lifting to prevent injuries for me. I've started reading some Chinese children's books to improve my character (汉字) recognition and be able to read better things than menus at restaurants.

我还去“Absolute MMA"打泰拳不过我停止举重因为我举重和打武术的时候我让自己疼了。我开始看孩子的书所以我看中文越来越好。


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