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A month later... (一个月以后...)

Wow, It's been almost a month since I've written. My last post was February 2nd and I saw I attempted to write a post when I got back from Xiamen (厦门) but I never finished it. Sometimes it is boring to write these posts. Today I'm sore and recovering so I decided I might as well recap what I've been doing!

Left to right, Ma Qiu (round sesame seed things), You Tiao (Long fried things), Xian Dou Hua (Salted Tofu Soup), More Tofu Soup with Sour Hot Noodles, Ma You noodles (Really weird but good), Lots of Hot pepper dishes, Fried Egg "Pancake", (Final Picture) Lion's Head meatball, Pork Chop, and noodles with Kao Fu (Tofu) and veggies.
左边到右边,麻球,油条,咸豆花,豆腐汤,酸辣面,麻油的面,很多的油辣椒的食物,煎饼,狮头肉丸,猪肉,面条,烤麸,和蔬菜。 Of course, I've been eating lot of different Chinese foods while going around with my friend. Lots of noodles, street food, hot peppers and pork! I've even gone on my own and taken my parents…

Before I go to Xiamen...

...I want to write.


Recently I've been going to MMA class and running 30-40 minutes at the gym. I've been eating well as well as listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers quite a lot. One thing I did do was I finally went to WARHAMMER when they were open.

最近我去上MMA课,也去健身房跑步三十到四十分钟。我也吃好吃的食物,我听Red Hot Chili Peppers很多。这个星期我终于去了WARHAMMER买东西。

I went there so that I could buy a Chinese version of the Warhammer 40k rulebook but they didn't have them anymore so I looked for some miniatures that my dad wanted to buy for Blood Bowl. They didn't have anything that he wanted either. I saw, out the corner of my eye, some beautiful lookin' Lord of the Rings miniatures that were not there before. I dug through the entire small display seeing what the store had. I was satisfied with three boxes, Uruk Hai, Orcs and (of course) the Fellowship. I told myself, "If this is more than 1000 Yuan I won't buy them." Turns out they were only 750 Yuan so guess who has so…