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...can be good and bad. Today's was pretty good. January 29th is my birthday so this post is really just talking about how I spent my birthday.


Today I turned 20 years old.


I woke up at 10am and spent the morning eating breakfast, talking to my mom and replying to family member's "Happy Birthday" messages. Then I cleaned my room before I headed out to walk around Shanghai.


I spent most of my time walking around Shanghai alone, trying to explore new areas I might not have seen before. I had 3 goals in my mind and in the end I only completed one out of three. Goal one was to go to WARHAMMER store and buy a Chinese rulebook for Warhammer 40k. They were closed so I went on to goal 2 which was to find a Kung Fu Gym/School. I did find one located in Tianzifang but I was too late as they closed for the day. (Their hours being 9-12) Goal number 3 was to go to People's Square …

To the east...

...and back again!

 I've done quite a few things over the past couple weeks. Mostly was me and my mom going over to the Pu Dong area of Shanghai and seeing what is there. I also showed her some restaurants to eat at along with other nice places to walk around in.


 Pu Dong is a nice area of Shanghai located in the eastern part. It is much quieter than Pu Xi but still is next to the Huang Pu river. The Pearl Tower is also on the Pu Dong side so you can go inside it or just get a closer look. There is also an area that I frequent called Lujiaxuihuan Road. (陆家嘴环路) Here you can get nice pictures and there are many restaurants to go to.


Most of the restaurants in China will give you some variety of noodles, soup, dumplings and other assorted snacks. One thing I've learned is most places don't have drinks or if they do its only Coke, Water and Tea. Maybe…

I need to do better with these posts...

...because I previously had a post about what I did for a week but I never uploaded or finished writing it. So again there is a big blank space in my post history but I have been doing things!

 My dad and I played Skirmish Sangin! (Update coming soon). We played a couple of patrols to get us refreshed to the rules and we plan on playing some more small patrols like that pretty soon.

我和爸爸一起玩了“Skirmish Sangin”。(更博快来)我们玩了一些小时所以我们可以记得规则。我们打算快玩更多。

 My friend and I went traveling together again. This time to different districts in Shanghai. Of course we tried a lot of different kinds of food while we were wandering around practicing speaking English and Chinese.

 I don't remember all the different districts we went to. I think we went to 4-5 different districts but I'm not too sure. I remember that we went to Yangpu District and Hongkou District then returned to Jing'an District to eat at a restaurant.


How I study Chinese

I just wanted to explain the various ways that I study Chinese throughout my time living in China.

The first thing that I used to study Chinese was to take a class. Whether private or a public group class, this will provide you with a (hopefully good) teacher that you can ask questions and, as you get better, speak Chinese with every day! What I took was a public class that ended up being private as no one else joined for 3 hours a day and 5 days a week in the morning so that I could get new vocabulary and corrections to help me throughout my afternoon and evenings. I did this for three months and got a nice grasp of a lot of vocab and basic conversation.

The second thing you need to do is to keep studying every day. Not for 3 hours and maybe not even an hour but 10 minutes a day will be better than nothing. Find a friend that is also interested in Chinese or one that can speak Chinese who is willing to help you out. Of course being in China does help out with this but being in anothe…