Why the absence?


It's Jonah again. Long time so see or as they say in Chinese 好久不见!I'm still in China and no I haven't died, my focus was shifted for a bit to studying Chinese and learning more about the area of Shanghai that I'm in. I also took it upon myself to try and get my Skirmish Sangin books from the USA with the help of some family.

The reason for getting the books back? I've been playing it alot recently with my 爸爸 and am developing a more roleplaying focused campaign using that system. Since it is a role playing wargame its not that hard but I've been working on alot of pieces in order to make the campaign run smoothly. This involves cards, charts, new rules, maps, and more for it. The past couple of weeks has been fun and i hope to continue developing this system. I've been posting battle reports on Skirmish Sangin's forums under the topic "Skirmish Sangin+". The feedback I've been getting is very positive. The battle reports will be on this blog in the next couple of days and I think I'll post the battle reports there and here. At the Skirmish Sangin forums you will also see my ramblings about the rules ideas I've been pitching around.

So I am back, I don't know how often posts will happen but I'm going to try and work harder to create this blog content.



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