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Painting Marine Scouts and Imperial Infantry!


Last Friday we finally got our crate from the United States which had some of our things that we wanted to bring. My parents had kitchen stuff, clothes, bedding and more but what did I have? Miniatures. The only thing I packed was my Games Workshop miniatures. So I finally got ahold of my Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and my lovely T'au again! I've done many things to catch you all up on but for now I'll just show what I've painted.

Firstly, I repainted all of my Imperial Guard Infantry. I have yet to paint the weapons teams but I was tired of looking at the half painted, poorly thought out black/grey color scheme so I decided to paint them in greens, browns and silver to be able to give them a new look! I think they look wonderful and will grab a picture of them to put them on this site.

Secondly, I finally painted my Space Marine Scouts. I enjoyed the color scheme of the Imperial Guard so much that I wondered what it would look like on the Scouts. Well it looks …

15mm Terrain Progress


I haven't posted in a couple of days as I've been busy working on terrain and studying Chinese! But I finally found the time to post this update.

The first update is that I've made much progress on the Sci-Fi Centurions. Sadly these pictures are a day or two old but I wanted to show how I did each phase. As you see I sculpted the armor of a few more guys. I also have the weapons on most of them now and as seen in the picture on the right I've started working on the heads. I thought about leaving the heads seperate and having to cast the heads but in the end I attached the heads to the bodies. Almost done with 8 Centurions... not the 12 I originally had planned but will still be enough poses to make a wide variety of squads.

The next update is about terrain. I've decided I wanted some more terrain that is "tangible" instead of 2D so I am reworking the houses to include clay walls and windows. I've also started work on woods, landmines and making ra…

Sculpting Sci-Fi Centurions


Well, I've finally begun working on my own creation for sculpting! Yup, I've pulled out the greenstuff. For me this is a big step and it has been a fun couple of days working on this single "Centurion". After many days of researching how to make 15mm armatures, sculpting techniques and ideas I pulled this idea out. Here is my process for making a miniature (with the materials I had) and the idea behind the miniature.

The first step was to draw out exactly what I wanted in this miniature. So I began taking some reference images and drew some sketches that were to scale. Meaning, these drawings had to be 15mm high and contain all the detail I wanted them to have. It was difficult but made easier by a really fine graphite pencil. Then I chose which pose I liked (the first "commander" pose) and drew out the armature idea to scale. I basically traced a stick figure based on my drawing. Now comes the fun part, making the armature.

For the armature usually you…

Out of Town and some Football


I was in Hong Kong (香港) this past weekend to see the Bruce Lee statue. It was a cool experience and was neat to see another side to China as Hong Kong and Shanghai (上海) are very different from each other. One is the language that they speak. Shanghai is a very "Shanganese" and Mandarin heavy while Hong Kong is only Cantonese and English. Seeing how the planes and airports function over here is neat as well and even though its a 2 hour flight we got meals on both of them, and we flew economy! In the United States you wouldn't get a meal if the flight is under 2.5 hours. Anyways, once we got back from the trip I played some games (as we purchased the Chinese version of Hyrule Warriors) then went to sleep. It wasn't until this morning that a package arrived. That package contained an Electric Football Board and many Football miniatures. Note, this is American Football or as the Chinese say "美式足球"。
 My dad and I split the miniatures evenly so that we can ma…