The Small War Webcomic + Update


Well, over the past 3 days I've been working hard on my paper tanks using the 15mm templates and luckily there are only a couple errors that I have to fix in the template before I can post them onto this site! I also visited the local Warhammer shop and picked up 4 Blood Bowl goblins just to practice some painting techniques on and so far they are not going to well. That's why its called practice.

Along with painting I'm also learning a new language in my spare time and going to the gym to keep in shape from the many hours spent sitting and staring at miniatures. Time sure does fly when you begin painting those or begin writing a blog post. :) Out of those hobbies though I also am beginning to flesh out the idea for a comic that I would like to post here. It is only on paper at the moment but I'd like to bring it to digital media so that it would look nicer. I might even use this comic style for the modified FUBAR rulebook that I will be putting out in the far future.

But as far as practice, tank building and terrain building goes there really hasn't been much up with me the past couple days so here are the few first "test" strips from the comic.

Some of the ideas I was sketching on how the soldiers would look and the "first" comic.

More practice with the poses and bodies. Includes the 2nd strip.

This one is just practice on different types of soldiers. More poses and more detail.

The first "big" strip. Working with the layout of the comic panels.
My first attempt at forming a story through comic panels.
The largest of the comics so far. Really working on the artstyle and layout of the comic here.

That is all I have for the comic. As you can see it is called "The Small War" as the idea is based off of toy soldiers fighting a constant war against their enemies. I don't know if there will ever be a plot or not if I really continue to do this but I hope to create a charming comic with a cartoony art style that is pleasing to the reader.

Have a great day,



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