Sculpting Sappers


So I've been working hard on learning Chinese as of late and finally found a Boxing gym to start working out at but that is probably NOT the reason you clicked on this post. Let us get into it then.
Sorry for the poor picture.
 I've began to expand the Chinese and Japanese army with some more infantry. As learned from the previous games even light tanks and mortars have proven to be the big advantage for what ever team has them. Simple grenade tosses have proven ineffective or unreliable even in the hands of veterans. So what do we need to add a "balance" to the armies? Anti-Tank infantry. I did some research and watched some WWII series on the Chinese side of the war and found their only AT weapons were Satchel Charges, Suicide Bombers, and Cannons. They didn't get AT Rifles and Bazookas till 1940's (our game is set in the early war which was happening since 1935). So I made a militia unit of 4 that contains a grenade thrower and a suicide bomber.  The other is a SMG wielder, specifically the grease gun and a rifleman.
Unpainted but fully assembled.
 Now for the Japanese army they have a wider variety of weapons and tools to take care of tanks as they actually produced some interesting weapons during the war. I saw that they had AT Grenade Launchers, AT Rifles, Satchels, Cannons and more. So I made a AT Rifle team, 5 models with 1 SMG, 1 AT Rifle, and the rest of the guys holding rifles. The AT Rifle is alright but I'd like another attempt at a "prone" model but I'm extremely happy with how the gun came out. Once they're painted they'll look good. I also experimented with green stuff as I'm slowly making my transition to sculpting in it.

"AHHHHHH!" - Suicide Bomber
As a small project I'm also building some ruins for my miniatures built from some Games-Workshop bases I'm never using and the same sculpting clay that everything else is made of. I'm planning on putting the ruins on a cardboard base and making it look nice but we'll see.

Hope you enjoy the progress and post. I hope this inspires you to try and make your own miniatures! I also have a side project I'm planning on but its far from WWII and more... spacey.



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