Blood Bowl Goblins


Just a small painting update on those Blood Bowl goblins I bought a couple days ago. I plan on giving them an orange and blue color scheme with white numbers and symbols on them. I am trying out some painting techniques I've read and watched many times before but never tried so hopefully they'll look nice.

My Second Attempt (Front)
My Second Attempt (Back)
My First Attempt (Back)
My First Attempt (Front)
At first I tried making the armor blue (which turned out purple on the first batch) and the clothes orange but I didn't like how it looked.

The second attempt I made the armor orange and the clothes blue. I liked this result a lot better than the previous attempt.

 A few things were hard to paint. I'm not used to painting bright colors on miniatures yet as I mostly paint with darker, easier to apply, colors. So working with this home made orange and weird blue/purple color I had to apply 2-3 thin coats of the paint.

I tried adding cool details like blood, scratches, and nice highlights but that didn't really show in the final miniature or the pictures. I like the skin tones on both the miniatures. On the first I went for a stark contrast meaning I painted over a green which had a dark wash over it to really show the details. I think it worked. The second one I went for a more subtle look where I toned the base green with a wash and then used the same base to show the shade difference. Subtle, almost too subtle, but I like it.

Hope you enjoy the smaller update,



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