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Happy New Year...

...and welcome to 2019!

I haven't posted much recently as I just haven't wanted to. I still have been working out so there are like 3 to 4 Post Workout Reviews that I didn't write. I don't know what to write about recently and the Post Workout Reviews are kinda boring to write when its the same but what I should've realized is that its not the same as every single workout review I write shows my improvements and my workout habits depending on my condition on that day. I've actually done a couple of full workouts too which is what bugs me.

Maybe its the holiday season but, to me, that sounds like an excuse. I dunno.

You might have noticed that I changed the layout of the website since I wanted to experiment with some other designs. I don't know if I like it but we'll see. Tell me if you like it or if I should revert back to the simpler design.

Obviously every year I write something during the time the clock strikes midnight but I had nothing to write. I …

Merry Christmas...

...two days late! No one really reads these so its no big deal but I was very busy with family on Christmas then on the 26th we were in Beijing (北京) all day seeing the sights. It was fun, in my opinion, and I'd like to walk around Beijing again instead of the all day tour that we had with our helpful tour guides Zhang (or Chang) and Liu. But first let's describe my Christmas.

 So I woke up at 9am which is different because I usually wake up around 4am or something on Christmas but we played some games and watched movies late into the night on Christmas Eve. My dad began to cook Christmas dinner while my mom and I just got dressed for the day.

 We each were supposed to get everyone a few gifts but it turns out my dad got everyone many gifts so I had the most, my mom the 2nd most and my dad had the least amount of gifts. It was nice though to guess what everyone had gotten each other since we were in China we really thought about what the others liked. The gifts were interesting…

Post Workout Review

I'm back bb with my workout routine.

A lot of them.
Shoulder Rolls
Calf Stretches
Neck Stretches
Arm Pulls
Shoulder Blade Stretch
Torso Twists

35 mins
10 mins 6.0 Incline 8.0 Speed
15 mins 6.0 Incline 8.5 Speed
5 mins 7.0 Incline 9.0 Speed
5 min cool down

Bench Press 3x10 Forgot the weight
Uneven bar curls 3x10
Pullups 1x13
Dips 3x10 (70,72.5,75kg)
Chest Press 10,7,5

Squats 3x10 Forgot the weight
Leg Lifts 3x10
Calf Raises 3x10 70kg? 70lbs? I dunno

Ye, I forgot core because we're gonna do core and legs in MMA class so bite me.


Don't give up my dude. Keep it going.

No breakfast today but...

...I did go to the gym and ate a great lunch. (See Below) It is Monday afternoon, specifically 12:53, and it is the 23rd of December! Today has started out well. I woke up at 9:00am again after going to bed at 1am again. I didn't have any dreams but after my small weekend with my dad preparing for Christmas I feel relaxed and ready to "battle" again.

So my lunch was made with what we had left in the refrigerator and what dishes weren't dirty. My lunch was sriracha sauce, toast, eggs, jalapenos, 4 goji berry buns, water, protein shake, and yea... that's it.

Expect a post soon about my post workout review.


"Words can inspire or destroy people... its great."

Music BBno$ 

A small break...

...from writing as I've been spending the weekend with my dad preparing for Christmas and playing games. I just haven't felt like writing or going to the gym. Friday I had some stomach issues that Yakult couldn't even fix, then Saturday I slept in and spent the whole day playing games and watching movies with my dad. It's now Sunday and I feel the same thing is going to happen. We might walk around today but I'm not sure.

It just doesn't feel like Christmas out here in China and it shouldn't but as we're almost there its kinda bumming me out. We have decorations and a super tiny tree with presents that we've been buying each other but looking out side and seeing no snow, no cool breeze, and many other things it just doesn't feel the same.

I had rice and eggs for breakfast. It was good. I also woke up at 9:00 am today after going to bed around 1am.

We watched a lot of movies and shows this weekend but I have to say The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is…

Post Workout Review

Well, I did it. I recovered after a terrible day and went to the gym early. I already studied, ate breakfast and lunch, wrote a morning post and later tonight will be going to MMA class. Can't let the demons win I tell ya.

So my workout was my first full workout that I've had in a long time.

Did stretches in a weird part of the gym today but I stretched a lot because my left thigh was really tight today.

Neck thingys
Shoulder Rolls
Toe touches
Thigh stretches
Forward and Side Lunges
Hip wiggles

Did super good on this today. I don't run with music so my mind went racing today and I think this helped me the most.

7.0 Incline
8.0 Speed
50 Minutes (including cool down)

Added a couple of new exercises and then hurt my right shoulder so I stopped but still got every normal workout in.

Butterfly Dumb bell curls 3 sets of 10 (10kg,12kg,12kg)
Bird Flaps 3 sets of 10 (8kg)
Dumb Bell Pulls 3 sets of 10 (8kg)
Bench Press 3 sets of 10 I forgot the weight
Chest Pre…

What an early morning... start your day am I right? Man, that previous post was a complete buzz kill on my part. Sorry about that guys. I might remove it as to not scare away new viewers. I woke up at 6am today after going to bed really late because of two way too vivid nightmares. After that I couldn't sleep even though I wanted to. Way too spooky. Actually only one of them was spooky and the other was a very angry dream where I was arguing with somebody about getting into my stuff. The spooky dream was weird. There was this witch, a dude with black hair and a mask, and then they were in my room while it was dark and the witch started to crawl on my bed so when I woke up it just seemed like the witch and dude disappeared. I didn't like that one bit.

Time to talk about my breakfast I guess. I finally got bread and bananas so I made some toasted PBJ sandwiches to eat with an apple and banana. Yes, there is another mochi dessert along with a bottle of water and a class of peach/apple juice. Really…

An early start... today. I woke up around 7am but didn't want to get out of bed. I just began to think about things and around 7:30am I was hungry from all the thinking and decided to make breakfast. I used some left overs from yesterday to help "enhance" this breakfast. I cooked rice in Chicken broth with Goji berries, Fried up two eggs (under the rice), heated up chicken bites and then added the spring roll to the plate as well. It tastes pretty good but I needed to use a better chicken broth as it didn't really settle into the rice this time. I am getting better and making rice though so I'm proud of that.

Yesterday I almost didn't go to MMA class. I was tired and fell asleep on the couch. Luckily I woke up 30 minutes to class starting but I sat there tired on the couch for 10 more minutes. I didn't want to go, I felt tired, sad, and some other things. What got me out and rushing towards class was the thought that if I didn't go today because of these feelings…

Post Workout Review

I feel like I just wrote one of these but it really wasn't that long ago. Just last night after MMA class. Time really does fly doesn't it?

This time I went a little earlier to the gym at about 9-10 am. For recovery I had 2 bottles of water, apple/peach juice, and some pretzels... also another mochi and some cookies. Yea, really sticking to the healthy foods aren't I?

So today I didn't skip out on much though it still wasn't a full workout. I think around 2 hours is when I cut it off today.

Warm Up:
Shoulder Stretches
Neck Stretches
Torso Twists
Toe Touches
Pushups 10... just 10 pushups
Stretch Squat

6.5 Incline
10 mins 8.0
10 mins 8.5
10 mins 9.0
5 mins Cool Down

Dumb Bell Butterfly Thing 3x10 10kg,10kg,14kg
Chest Press 3x10
Uneven Bar Curls 3x10 New Max
Bench Press 3 sets (10,10,5) New Max

Squats 3x10 135,155,185
(I count running as working on legs as well)

Though I did a lot I realized that I forgot to do core which is something I ha…

Another Late morning post...

...because I'm still not back to my "paradise schedule" of a month ago. But I woke up at 7 am and browsed the web for a bit on my phone before wishing my dad a good day while he headed off to work. I awoke, brushed my teeth and began to make breakfast while conversing with some friends on Discord and WeChat.

I figured today I will try and study some Chinese and then workout. For my workout I want to strive for 2 hours meaning stretching, cardio + a muscle group and core. Let's see if that'll work or not. I'll actually go workout after I write this because early morning is such a nice time to go workout, clear your mind, and prepare for the day ahead.

I do need to clear my head because of some personal things that have happened so along with studying and working out I'm going to study my religion today. Something I really haven't done since I've gotten to China. I think the whole "triforce" thing is important. Meaning Mind, Body and Spiri…

Post Workout Review

Well, this is a very post workout review... its like two hours later but I still wanted to do this. Today I worked out later and it was a very short workout only 1 hour long. I cut out a lot of stuff today because mentally I wasn't ready for a full blown workout. But you have to do something every day even if its go for 30-60 minutes. As long as you go everyday you will make it a routine.

I really skipped out on stretching today because these two people were acting weird in the stretching area.

Toe Touches
Leg on the Bar
3 Sets of Pushups 20, 40, 30
Shoulder stretches

Today was my arm focus. I felt good after doing all of this as my legs are the "dominant" muscle on my body at this point. But I won't forget my legs and core.

Dumb bell Curls 2x10 Struggled Today
Chest Press 3x10 Huge New Max
Dips 3x10
Uneven Bar Curls 3x10 New Addition
Bench Press 3x 10,7,5 New Max

Always do core. Even a little bit. Today was a little bit.

Sit Ups (Straight Ba…

Monday Afternoon...

...and I'm still tired as ever. 3 Days in Wuxi (无锡) followed by 2 days in Nanjing (南京)has me kinda exhausted. I woke up at 10:00 am which is fine. I'll use today to recover and slowly start my workout routine again. I won't be traveling for another week. I'll use it to just workout and study which actually sounds like a nice way to spend the week. Time to explain how I spent my weekend...

Well I didn't workout at all if that is what you're wondering. I did walk a lot and read a lot of Chinese. I was able to practice Chinese and ask questions. Instead of vocabulary this time I was able to fix some of my weird sentence structure that I still have problems with in Chinese. Having some sort of native teacher, language partner or whatever to help you learn any language helps.

Took the metro from Shanghai to the station, then the station to Nanjing. About a 2 hour trip. We then went to eat some delicious food. (See above) I wish I could remember the name but there we…

Another Afternoon in Wuxi...

...spent walking around and eating food. I also was able to speak more Chinese and this time I understood more than before. Maybe it's because I studied the topics we talked about (buying things and travel) so it was easier. I've also learned a lot of new words while here since everything is in Chinese and my parents are relying on me as translator. Very few people here speak English but the one thing I haven't been able to do well is order room service. Its probably because my "Phone Chinese" isn't good yet and I don't know if the workers in the hotel are Chinese or Japanese.

 Today's weather is slightly warmer than yesterday because there aren't as many clouds and the wind is weaker today. Still a chill in the air but because of the slightly warmer weather more people were out and about today. It was more polluted today than yesterday which is surprising. Maybe the pollution made it warmer today?

 My mom and I did go Christmas shopping a little …