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Designing the Chinese Orbat


So after my first game of Skirmish Sangin I've been doing some research on the modern Chinese military known as the PLA. I've read some interesting things about them and since there are miniatures that I can use to represent them I think ill continue my work on this. Now I still am new to how Skirmish Sangin works but I will be able to lay out a framework from which the stats can be put in.

As all good research starts out I am using Wikipedia for my base information and then exploring the links that Wikipedia used to get their info.

From the PLAGF Wikipedia page I learned that the standard firearm of the modern Chinese soldier is the QBZ-95. A bull pup weapon of a very unique caliber. They then usually carry a side arm, some (in game terms) light armor, and only 2 communication devices per squad.

One squad, mechanized, contains 12 men in it. 6 riflemen, a MG gunner and crew man, and an RPG user. The dismounted squad includes 6 riflemen, 2 MGs with 2 crew and 2 RPGs. For…

Skirmish Sangin - First Skirmish


So I had my first game of Skirmish Sangin last night. It was a simple USMC Fire Team vs 8 Insurgents. There were many rule mistakes that happened during my first time playing that I'll outline right now.
I learned that morale tests happen on the NEXT phase even if your character received morale markers before he/she got to act on the current phase. I simply messed up on who acts when during a combat phase.I still have to figure out how indirect fire works as the way I did it doesn't seem right.Later on after the game was declared "over" I re-read the morale rules to see that the game shouldn't have been over as even when they fail their morale tests they do not surrender immediately. They have a chance to but you roll on a chart. The battle was this:

"A small midwestern town was occupied by pro-red insurgents. Having recieved intel that all civilians had been evacuated out of the combat zone 1st Squad entered into the suburb and began clearing out buil…

10 Days Later


Its a mysterious world when you can go from perfectly healthy and working out one day to completely sick and tired the next. Basically what I'm saying is I'm sick today and kinda happy that I am too as I get a break from work. Fever, stuffy, headache, and a couple more symptoms are what plague me today. Anyways  I better summarize what I've been doing the past 10 days.

Nothing much.

I've still been going to work everyday putting in 10 hour days when I can but it has usually been 8 hour days. I went to visit my friends in Missouri last weekend, one in Colombia and another in Springfield. It was fun and I got to see what a college campus was like. Mizzou is huge but I don't know if I'd want to do that right now. The visit to Springfield was way more fun than the Colombia trip as we saw movies, played games, and just hanged out. We watched the old blade runner, the new blade runner and watched Full Metal Jacket. I also got a drawing tablet from my friend an…

First Impressions on Skirmish Sangin


So yesterday I was finally able to get my four Skirmish Sangin books in a nice little FedEx box. I have to say that they are awesome. First off is that they are big, not thick, but big with a nice sized font and pictures and designs galore that make the thing look beautiful. They all follow this pattern of amazing design and I can't wait to read them all.

So far I've read up to the spotting rules in the main rule book but a quick flip through of the other books pleases me as they not only have many real life pictures of various soldiers doing combat in environments around Afghanistan but they also have pictures of their professionally painted soldiers and professionally made boards. What I find funny is after all these awesome game pieces you still see the cheaply printed cardstock tokens being used in the screenshots.

Overall the books have made a great first impression and they seem more "durable" than most rule books I've gotten in the past. I will have…

Has it been a week?


Man I cannot believe its been a week since I last posted to this. Man time flies when you only work and sleep. Well I'm still waiting on my copies of Skirmish Sangin to come in. Apparently it was delayed by one day. I was going to post a first impressions on the books but that will not happen today. Instead I guess I'll talk about some recent purchases I've made.
Purchases Well I bought a 200 dollar BB gun. The SIG SAUER MPX AIRGUN. It is very fun to shoot and feels and looks so real! I will be having a blast working with this and maybe even taking it on some camping trips too.

I've also bought some more balsa wood to make another section for my terrain board. I've come up with a plan to make some simple hills and a river but that'll have to wait until I've made all the boards. I'm thinking I need about 3-6 boards. 3 for a nice linear small game and 6 for a normal 2'x4' board. Usually for Skirmish Sangin you play on a 4'x4' board b…

Mini-Tutorial: Making long lasting Paper Miniatures


I've seen a lot of people using paper miniatures but I wanted to show a way to create long lasting paper minis for a low cost.
Materials Needed
All that you need for this project is:
Some sort of glueSome Cardstock or normal paperWooden Craft CirclesFoam Sheets (not foam board)A sharp cutting tool, I used an X-acto knife Step 1: Printing  Head over to junior general, or another paper miniature website, and print off sheets for your units. As you see I've printed off some USMC and some Insurgents. Junior General has loads of free models in all periods and even top down views if you want.
Step 2: Cutting Using your cutting tool cut out some of your soldiers like so. Try to keep it as "Square" as possible as it will make cutting and trimming the foam easier. Then cut along the line splitting the back and front. Keep these together!
Step 3: Cutting Foam  Now its time to cut out the foam. Place one of your cut outs on the foam and trim around it creating a foam squ…

Starting 28mm Modern Part 5 - Some Purchases


Its been a couple days since the last post of mine but I've been making progress slowly and I've been working on my new job. I've finally purchased a ruleset and I did buy 4 sets of paper terrain from World Works Games. The ruleset I've purchased is not Spectre as originally planned but instead I've bought Skirmish Sangin and almost all of its expansions. Why Sangin over Spectre? Well the real reason is that it seems more indepth and has a focus on individual characters which I enjoy very much. Reading reviews on it and watching videos makes it seem like a simple game that doesn't require a lot of minis but it can as it has support for everything from infantry to vehicles to support like artillery and airstrikes. Meanwhile after reading Spectre reviews and videos it seems it is normal skirmish game focusing on the modern equipment and more "covert" operations like PMCs and Special Forces. Still neat and uses d6s. I might buy that ruleset later …