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Starting 28mm Modern Part 4 - Errors and Ideas


Well when I awoke this morning I found that my first poster board terrain tiled had dried, but it was warped in the corners. Saddened I went to work trying to figure out what to do while not wasting the poster board that I had bought. After the gym I went in and bought green flock and a balsa wood sheet for 10 dollars each. This balsa wood isn't the cheapest being 10 dollars for a 12 x 24 piece but it seems sturdy and a better, less warpable, option than the poster board. I will put paint on it tomorrow and then add the simple flock I bought. I did add the flock to my warped piece to see if it will warp more or stay the same as it didn't warp THAT badly, just at the corners. This is also allowing me to test and see how I want to add flock to the future pieces of terrain. My river pieces on the foam board didn't warp but I only painted the river piece on to them. I'm thinking of cutting out my river pieces and just placing those onto the future balsa board pieces…

Starting 28mm Modern Part 3 - Getting Terrain Made and Background Story


So I'm still working in the shadows to get this Homefront game made but I'm being smarter than I was with Warhammer 40k. Right now I'm building Terrain Boards using poster boards, paint and flock. Hopefully they don't warp as this is a test. I have many 10 inch by 10 inch pieces along with a couple 8inch by 10 inch pieces (being used for rivers). So I've finished Zero Footprint and I've bought Dagger 22 for research purposes on how modern warfare works. I've also been watching combat footage and some documentaries on the Ukraine conflict. Once these terrain boards are made I'll work on the paper buildings from World Works Games but from what I've read I better act fast since the man who hosts the site is leaving it for another company. Here is a list of the items I'm buying as these seem to be the best for modern terrain:

Grey Stone and Office Flats: both 4 bucks - $8
Mayhem Services - $4
Mayhem Traffic - $4
Mayhem Street Props - $4

Starting 28mm Modern Part 2 - More minis and Painting Tuts


I've been looking more and more for getting into 28mm modern and I've found some more websites for modern miniatures.

Eureka Miniatures 
USA Version

This website has a neat looking collection of German, us, soviets and terrorists. I haven't bought any but they all seem to be in good detail. Within' their modern category there are two types of 28mm, Eureka (made by the company) and kriegspiel. Both look cool and would provide for a unique looking army. They even have Japanese modern troops! Now I don't know if the USA vs AU websites provide different products but there are two versions of the site.

Now I haven't checked this site out fully but it seems to be a good resource also providing some vehicles and unique unit types.


We will have to see if I order from them. But there are other sites mentioned on boards that I haven't checked fully but seem to be well stocked with good choices for variety of theatres of combat.

Mongrel Miniatures

28mm Modern Wargaming, Getting Started


So in my brain I'm still thinking about buying the Spectre set without the tokens and just playing with them for a bit as I learn the rules. Reading other people's battle reports has given me ideas and me honestly pondering with myself I've realized that paper terrain and one starter set probably will suffice me for a long time as long as my terrain is varied and the scenarios are fun. I think i'll treat it more like a Role playing game as with those I only buy miniatures I absolutely need for a mission... hence why all my D&D guys are painted and only half of my war gaming collections (both the hobbit and warhammer 40k) are painted. I have no clue what setting I want my soldiers to be in. I've thought of the middle east or the jungles or doing the home front scenario (which I'd love to do). That's why I'm going to buy a couple more books and do research plus watch videos on some military and PMC groups today. One of them I remember was headi…

Getting Back into the Habit...


I've been down in the dumps for the past couple weeks or so and I really haven't done much war gaming or hobby wise. So I've decided to actually save some money and make some money selling miniatures I no longer need. Hehe... we will see how well that goes. I've recently purchased two books, MARINES an illistrated history, and Zero Footprint. Both have been great reads so far but they have really inspired me to buy more books about the recent wars. Of course as I read these books I'm thinking in the back of my mind about wargaming and Spectre Miniatures seems like the perfect place to start if I want some good modern combat action. Their starter sets run around 60-70 dollars but it includes two teams and the rule book which is nice for the detail of miniatures you are getting but as I've been reading some battle reports from this guy and it seems fun but I need quite a bit to get started.

First off as always you need miniatures to do battle with. That is…

Grunt: Role Playing in the Vietnam War "Mission One" Part 2

Cain pushed ahead into the thicket of the jungle. Williams wanted to go slowly, especially after their first encounter with some unknown enemy. Santiago slogged on behind Williams. "Hey, Sarge.", weezed Santiago. "Yes?". Santiago adjusted his backpack straps. "Why do you keep puttin' the wuss in front?". "You mean Case?". Santiago nodded, "Yea, I don't feel safe with him up front. Passin' out and all that garbage. But Cain? Man, that guy already has 1 confirmed and no one else saw it!". Williams looked back towards Santiago and continued, "They're both good pointmen, Case needs to get used to being up there. That's all. I mean, I don't see you up there.", Williams said grinning. Santiago looked up and glared at the back of Williams' head. "Hey, its not my job. I'm stuck with you.". There was silence after that.

(10km 1100)
The rain continued its down pour on the men. Cain pushed upwar…

"The Way" - A Game of Martial Arts and Magic


So it has been a while since I've written anything of late but I will tell you this: I have not stopped thinking about cool things and ideas. Over the past week I have been thinking about a table top role playing game that is focused around martial arts. It still will have weapons as weapons are apart of martial arts but the hand to hand combat will be better. The hard thing is coming up with a fitting ruleset that makes it simple but fun at the same time all while allowing the flexibility of weapons being included in the mix. I began to think about a d20 system but for some reason switched over to a d6 system in my mind. Maybe its because many people understand and recognize the d6 more than the polyhedral dice. What I've come up with is this:

A character's body will be divided into 3 parts: Top, middle and lower (bottom).
Characters will have 2 stats for their arms and legs: Strength and Speed.
Strength represents attacking and damage while Speed acts as defense a…

Grunt: Role Playing in the Vietnam War "Mission One" Part one

Want to see the Character Introductions? Click HERE! Then come back.

S.Sgt Williams stepped out into the cool Vietnam morning. He felt the light rain plinking against his helmet. Great, its going to be raining. He back towards his tent as he heard his men moaning as they stepped out of their cots and began to grab their bags and weapons. S.Sgt Williams was already geared up and ready to go. He had been for an hour now as sleep escaped him. It would be his first time leading his unit out on patrol, it would be the first time for most in his squad. He looked back again to see some of his men standing out in the rain with him. He saw SPC Jarvis holding the large M60 over his shoulder smoking a cigarette. He wasn't new. He gave a nod towards him and looked at who else was out there with him. Standing dishevelled and overpacked with gear stood the RTO Santiago. He liked Santiago as he felt they both could go far if they stuck together, maybe even become heroes. Finally, the last of th…

Its Been A While


Wow it has been a while, 7 whole days! So what have I been doing since then? Working in the factory as usual but that still has been nice and fun to do even though I've noticed some people have gotten moved or have left. I also bought "Grunt: Role Playing in Vietnam" and I'm going to play a test mission today that I've made with some random rolls from the very rip off "Rebels Unleashed" pdf I bought off a website. Oh well, it was only 2 bucks so that isn't too bad. I've also started to go to the gym with my relatives to motivate them and its fun. I went once on Friday and today I went twice. Needless to say I'm going to be sore when I wake up. :) I've also decided to sell my Imperial Guard army once they are assembled, I'm going to throw together the Index 2 with it since I won't need it. I bought some 1/72 80's Modern US Infantry to have fun with and some #10 washers to base them. I miss my longer hours of work as I w…



I just got done talking to my dad who is overseas right now and I told him of the Vietnam idea. He liked it but said that I should think on it since I'm not taking my T'au over that maybe I should slow down on the painting and building. He also said to stop building his army, which I already have, but he wasn't too keen on the idea of playing 'Nam over in china which is a shame. Its good for my wallet as I'll be saving money if I stop these projects and I could go back to programming and exercising more but I've really enjoyed painting and building these guys and terrain. We will see what happens, as always. I could just sell my army once its been painted which would be a huge boost to money... kinda. I'm guessing I could get 150 dollars or more for my army which still makes me lose money. No, I'd want more.

This puts me in a predicament, should I continue after this or should I stop and just focus on saving money for China? Not doing this would …

Vietnam Board (War) Games


Yes, another post today. So I've laid out all my assembled T'au figures and WOW I have a lot. If I had a phone I would take a picture to show you but... that is not an option at the moment. So I'm almost done painting the broad side. I just have the various weapon systems to paint. Then I'll paint all the individual Fire warriors, then the kroot, then the Crisis suits, then the drones, then the tide wall, etc etc. You get the gist. As I'm preparing to go to bed after setting those guys up I've been looking at various Vietnam era rule sets and I've found a lot. Most of these are RPGs as I'd be able to interchange the rules if needed or homebrew them all together. So here is what I'm considering for rules:

1) Grunt

I'm considering this one as it is cheap though only in PDF forum and I've heard a lot about it in a positive light but a search for youtube game sessions of this results in nothing. Its a d6 system which is neat and good for …

Another Catchup Post!


I know I've been gone for a bit but I was out of town visiting my sister. I've also been without a phone or internet for a bit so that also prevented me posting. During this internet lull I have obtained many new things for my T'au army. My dad sent me a Kroot Rider and a Broadside battlesuit but while I was visiting my sister I went into a comic shop that were selling GW models for cheap so I bought a box of Fire Warriors and a box of Crisis Battle Suits. Now my Fue'gel T'au have an "armored" division to help them out in those tough battles and my Kroot have an extra bigger gun!

So I've thought of another idea to do with 15mm. Now wait, before you start shaking your head I understand I don't do all of my projects but these are ideas for me in the future. Plus, I have to paint all my T'au before I begin on another project so when once I've painted them all and played a few battles I'll decide which of these past ideas to do. Bac…