Science Fiction (Sci Fi) Templars


Well I don't have work Saturday so I'm kinda wondering what I should do over the weekend. One of the things I want to do is mow the lawn and another is clean the house as it is getting messy. :-/ Another thing I want to do is Barbeque but that is a battle I don't want to "fight" since my relative doesn't want me to Barbeque anymore. Anyways, I'm going to play and post the part 2 of the battle report today so that I can paint those figures as I'm now getting excited to paint them again especially since I have another idea for models... Templars. I'm thinking of letting my Templar idea replace the Contra Marines idea as for the Contra marines the lore is a bit iffy and doesn't really make the most sense unless I do something else with the lore. Maybe make the Tempust Scions the Marines instead as Contra don't really like modifiying themselves. They prefer "natural" strength over the crude mutations and addons that the Adeptus Mechanicus and Adeptus Astartes frequently use. I've decided to use the Grey Knights rules and Space Marines rules for my Templar faction that I am making. Here is my idea:

  • Use these guys as my Grey Knights except I will use different heads for them! I've finally found a great supply of various Great Helms to represent my Templars but I'm hoping that the size/scale is right for these guys.
  •  For the "average" Templar Warrior that isn't a melee magic using force of awesome I'm going to use just normal Space Marines and these Eisenkern Heavy Troopers but of course they will be modified!
  • For the various modifications that I will be doing I need MANY parts. Most are from the same website which is awesome. What I was thinking is using hooded heads for the "Sergeants" and using the Helmets for all the "run of the mill" troops and lower ranks. To make some of the Space Marines and (hopefully) the Eisenkern forces more Templar like I will be using Robed Legs and Robed Torsos. If the scale of these parts doesn't fit then I guess I'd just use them for the "average" space marine Templars. 
  •  I don't think my Templars will fit well into the lore of WH40k but I will try to make them fit. Now these will be a side project to my "main" project right now, my Dad's army. Right now my dad's army only needs some more Infantry, 2 Sentinels, a tank, and a helicopter or two in order to be complete. Of course it all needs to be painted once bought but I'm thinking of getting a piece of my Templars for every 2 "pieces" of my dad's army. Example: I buy a Sentinel and a Box of Infantry then I'd also buy a box of "Templar" Infantry.  
Below are the Images of the various conversion parts that I might be using to build this Templar army. I've also been watching "How to Paint: Grey Knights" tutorials and I see that they paint them completely metallic silver but my idea is to paint them silver and white with gold trim and red icons. Now I'm still thinking how this army would look but I'm thinking of having 3 "types" of infantry in this game. Light, they would be robed monks or initiates with hooded heads or bare heads. I'm thinking of using Frostgrave Cultists for this one but replacing the creepy heads with some nicer monk like heads. Then the medium infantry would either be the normal Space Marines or soldiers similar to the Imperial Guard infantry wearing great helms and some light armor. The Heavy Infantry would definitley be the Space Marines and Grey Knights. Well... let's see if this project ever happens as my money runs out quickly! :) The pictures below are some cool conversion bits I plan on using for these guys. What do you think?

Hope you guys have a good weekend,


Possible Light or Medium infantry?


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