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My "new" Project


YES! I do have another project on the way... or might have another project. It all depends on an email that I am waiting to receive. You see, my dad and I created a table top role playing game based off the vietnam war. He made one when he was a kid (which was HUGE by the way) and then I made my own version and implemented his rules into mine creating a "2nd edition" of Nam, as we call it. So we've always been interested in the vietnam war as we've played games like Silver Bayonet, Lock n' Load, Tet Offensive, Platoon, and a few others. I played a solo game of Charlie Company and had a blast with it... if I remember correctly. So here is my next idea, 15mm vietnam. We can use these miniatures with our various game systems that we play and we can use them for various other games like Force on Force: Ambush Valley and Flames of War: Tour of Duty. When I move overseas to be with my family the terrain that I buy here and the miniatures that I buy here will be …

Opinion on 15mm Wargaming


So today I've been thinking more about my robot army idea at work which lead to me thinking about 15mm wargaming. Now I've always wanted to start 15mm wargaming in the past as it has so many benefits to 28mm wargaming. Number 1 is the price of the miniatures and the quantity that you get. Then the next is the rulesets for 15mm. Most of them are very generic so that you can use any miniatures that you want for the game meaning every army could be different and have similar stats or different if they are representing different factions. Another one is storage as they are super easy to store and they are also easier to paint (now this one is debatable). That is what draws me into 15mm that and the scale that you are able to achieve with so many figures on the table at once.

Now why am I thinking about this? Well, I have to save money for the trip to China and frankly... 28mm is expensive, especially when buying from Games Workshop, and is sapping my money so in order to ke…

Simple Battle Report Part 2!


Let us continue...
If you missed Part 1 go here.
We left off after Turn 2 was just completed. Now begins turn 3 of the random conflict.

"The Guardsmen and their Commander spread themselves out, taking positions in the various windows and door ways of the small office space."
"The Command team advanced through the dark desert towards the sounds of battle along with their Scout Sentinel."

"The Commander made it to the back window as the Chimera defended him."
"As the Commander made his way into the door way the Chimera's gunner saw a new threat emerge from the factory and opened fire with it's heavy bolter and multi laser."
"The Breacher Shas'Ui shouted as he dove for the ground at the incoming fire. He heard the bolts hiss by all around and heard the Las beam burst through his fellow Shas'la."
"Hearing the commotion outside the guardsmen followed suit and fired with their lasguns at the Xenos in front of them."…