The ''Ketchup'' Post


I realized I've already missed a day of my daily posts but the past few days have been a bit much. A large storm hit causing minor damage to the home and to my vehicle then more relatives showed up to visit us while we lived in our other relative's home. Then people came in to fix the carpet, more so replace every bit of it, which made today pretty hectic. Even through all of this I was able to get that next box of T'au miniatures and come up. With some neat ideas for unique looking units. The current, lighter storm that goes on in the background is calming.

Some of my ideas for unique units are: a stealth suit with its front hatch open showing a tau face inside, a fire warrior shas'ui with a blaster cannon, ''juggernaut'' breachers with extra armor, a battle ready ethereal, honor guard with black helms and purple armor and a few more. Also with all the activity going on I haven't been able to do much painting but I realized I needed to touch up a few details and add some things I've missed onto the armor like the transfers and cool wearing.

Many of my ''deep thoughts'' throughout the past couple of days has been about the human mind and about whether or not I'd want to have children in the future. But I believe those should deserve their own posts instead of being thrown together in a catchup article.

My idea for this posting thing (I guess a blog) was going to be two to three posts a day about various things and just general short stories that I'd write. Maybe including the occasional review about a product or some other service out there. Now I realized that probably won't happen unless I change something and so tomorrow I am going to try something. We'll see if I get more than one article out a day as even now this is apart of changing ''something''. I still have to apply for more jobs as I haven't done that yet.

A question for you to think about, has your life gone the way you thought or ''planned'' it to be?

As always hope you are having a good day and continue to come back for more reading,



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