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This is going to be a new type of post on this here site. What ''Tactics Talk'' is going to be is a segment where I write about my plans and ideas for my various hobby armies and lists.

So I've just gotten into warhammer 40k and have started a T'au army with the ''Start Collecting'' box and a set of pathfinders which gives me a small but good looking force at the moment. I'll post pictures of them one I've done their bases. So since I was almost done painting this set after two months I began to think about what I should buy next. At my local Games Workshop (GW) I saw the had the ''Infiltration Cadre'' box there which isn't being made anymore. In that box I get stealth suits, pathfinders and a vehicle. So I decided that will be my next purchase. Then I began to think about what I would buy next, again. I saw the ''Optimized Pathfinder Team'' came with a heavy vehicle and some more Pathfinders. Okay, that would give my army two vehicles now at a good price. Then my third purchase was an easy choice, another ''Start Collecting'' box as its a great deal.

Now, if you were paying attention you'd realize my army would, at the end of it all, have a lot of Pathfinders which are supposed to be scouts not the main force of your army. Then I began to think this could be a problem but I thought about our modern military and realized it wasn't; my army would just have to be the "Force Recon'' of the T'au. As I've read about different websites, infantry heavy T'au armies don't do well at all but I plan on seeing if I can change that. Who knows what'll happen but in my solo games with the rules pathfinder teams die quickly so maybe my battle suits and vehicles can help with that.

As always I hope you are doing well and return to read,



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