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So I've been spending time with my relatives the past few days. That is the reason why some posts have been missing is because I get so caught up in the day that I forget or cannot post. So today was really my first day to relax even though my relatives were here and my niece wanted to help me paint my miniatures. So I let her since I was just basing them with sand and Elmer's glue. Something a 6-7 year old can do. It went surprisingly well and she behaved wonderfully compared to the rest of the trip. I told her that these were for a game and she wanted to play it so I said yes. Then I realized that the game (Warhammer 40k) is too complicated for a 7 year old (let alone some adults :P). So while she began painting one of my stealth suits I began to brainstorm of a way to let her play then I realized it was simple. 40k uses d6s and that is a number she can count to and do simple math with. Since I only have Tau figures this makes it even MORE simpler as I can break down complicated weapons into simple categories. Lots of the complex rules are taken away from 40k when you only play with one faction on simple terrain. So here is what I've come up with.

Simple K
A simple way to wargaming

Youngest player goes first.

Each player selects a unit from the "pile". The pile is made up of various squads and such that the "host" (older player) divides into fair squads. Infantry (people on foot) make up squads of 5. Mechs make up squads of 3 and vehicles are by themselves. Special leaders are also by themselves.

Once the pile is empty each player sets up their team on their side of the board/table/floor etc. Once each player sets up then the game begins as the youngest player takes their first turn.

Each turn goes like this:
1) Move all/Some/none units.
2) Shoot with all/some/none units.
3) turn is over and the next player goes.

Moving Units.
Units in the same squad must stay together. (For the host you can specify the 2'' rule normal to 40k). Infantry moves 6'', vehicles move 12'' and mechs move 8''.

Shooting Units.
To shoot at a unit the current player chooses a unit he/she wants to shoot with and their target. They roll dice equal to the number of models shooting and compares that with their attack value. If the value is equal to or greater they hit and may remove a model for each hit from their target. The shooting unit must have clear LOS to their target and must be in range.

Statistics for Units.
Designer's note: This was hard and I'll tell you how it goes when/if I test these rules with my 7 year old niece as I wanted to keep this simple so I did, and painfully so. :)

Attack: 5 Move: 6'' Range: 12''

Attack: 4 Move: 8'' Range: 10''

Attack: 5 Move: 12'' Range: 8''

Attack: 4 Move: 6'' Range: 12''
How to Win:
The team that kills all other models wins the game!

We will see how this goes in my "testing" tomorrow if it happens. I know it is simple but, hey, its for a little kid who can barely play minecraft. :P

As always I hope you enjoy and continue to come back and read,



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