Past Adventures


I wanted to explain some background about me and one thing that people learn quick about me is I have moved a lot in my life. I know there are many of you out there who have moved more than me and traveled to many exotic locations. I'm not doing this to brag as some think. I'm doing this so you can get an idea of who I am. So lets get started shall we?

Iowa: Place number one, the state where I was born. In case you are not from the United States of America and are reading this, it is towards the middle of the USA.

Wisconsin: Place number two where I spent my elementary years. Very cold but also a very beautiful place. I took many camping trips there and also in Michigan and Minnesota. This state is also where an arsonist burnt down our shed trying to set our home on fire.

Missouri: Place number three where I spent my middle school life. Met some of the coolest friends here and had a lot of fun here fighting with bokken, shooting guns, fireworks, four wheelers and more. Has to be my favorite place I've lived.

California: Place number four where I spent my high school life. Didn't have a lot of fun here and really struggled sophomore and junior year. (Junior year was way easier thanks to a friend). And senior year really didn't mean much to me as I found out I was moving one more time.

Now? Due to how it seems today I'd like to keep my current location ''secret''. I am no longer in Cali but have returned to the Midwest. Okay fine I'm in Illinois. There are you happy?

Well I hope you are doing well and wish to return to read about... me?



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