Morning Thoughts

Hello, Sadly I didn't get to test out "Simple K" with my niece. So I have that for nothing now but the good news is that my job search is probably over. For the past few days I've been talking to the people at this job location and answering their emails so I hope that these are good signs. While painting my miniature XV25 stealth suits I had an idea for a character. On Fue'gel (The planet that my T'au reside) after crashing the stealth suits were damaged and rendered non working. So with the help of some earth caste engineers and some thoughts of their own the stealth suit operators fixed them up also while customizing them. So far that is my idea. Really unique looking stealth suits. Another idea that I might be able to make is the blaster cannon Shas'Ui since the kit came with an extra blaster cannon! I know that this idea wouldn't be legal on the board but you could think of him as a unique unit or character even! I'll come up with a data sheet and make him for my at home games. The piranha is going well also. Made some unique looking pilots for it and I can't decide whether I should do camo or the clean look that is normal for the tau. I might to the clean look but give it some wearing and blast marks on it. I have many more ideas but I've gotta go so as always I hope you return and have a good day, "Jonah"


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