Morning Thoughts


I awoke again in this terrible bed with soreness throughout my body and slight pain in my spine. Then I get up to feed the animals and go to take a shower after dealing with the faulty toilet that my family member refuses to fix. This has become my morning schedule or routine whilst living with this relative as my parents and I are in interim for our current move. For the most part my parents travel around going to various meetings and such so that they can be approved for this move while I live here.

Its been close to one and a half months living here but I've noticed that my brain and body have adapted to this new schedule. Its interesting how the body and mind work like that. I no longer need an alarm to wake me up early as my body knows to. No longer do I have to think about what to do when I wake up as I now do it subconsciously. Think, is there anything similar happening in your life where this is happening? Its a marvel to me and just thinking about it makes me want to do different things in the morning as this routine is boring! Maybe yours isn't though. Maybe you like your routine or maybe you don't have a routine but knowing humans as creatures of habit I'm sure we all do. I could be wrong.

Just something I was thinking about before I drop my car off at the shop to get fixed. My friend told me I should get a job there as a laborer but they are not looking for help.

Hope your morning is going well and I hope you return,



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