I guess I better give an introduction. I'm ''Jonah'', the author of this very boring site. I don't really understand how all of this works quite yet but a friend told me since I enjoy writing and wanted to make some side money I should use this. He said to write about whatever I want as long as it attracts people. So, are you ''attracted'' to this yet?

Well, here is what you can expect from my posts. I enjoy a wide variety of things like video gaming, painting, board games, martial arts, reading and more. To top it all off I'm in the middle of a large move to another country. Exciting.

I should also warn those that read my future posts I am a very honest person who sticks to their beliefs but has an open mind. If for some reason I begin to post about a serious or ''current'' topic then I will write what I think but am willing to listen to other points of view. I have my government teacher to thank for that quality.

Hope you all are doing well and stick around to read my writings!


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