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Morning Thoughts

Hello, Sadly I didn't get to test out "Simple K" with my niece. So I have that for nothing now but the good news is that my job search is probably over. For the past few days I've been talking to the people at this job location and answering their emails so I hope that these are good signs. While painting my miniature XV25 stealth suits I had an idea for a character. On Fue'gel (The planet that my T'au reside) after crashing the stealth suits were damaged and rendered non working. So with the help of some earth caste engineers and some thoughts of their own the stealth suit operators fixed them up also while customizing them. So far that is my idea. Really unique looking stealth suits. Another idea that I might be able to make is the blaster cannon Shas'Ui since the kit came with an extra blaster cannon! I know that this idea wouldn't be legal on the board but you could think of him as a unique unit or character even! I'll come up with a data …

Simplified 40k


So I've been spending time with my relatives the past few days. That is the reason why some posts have been missing is because I get so caught up in the day that I forget or cannot post. So today was really my first day to relax even though my relatives were here and my niece wanted to help me paint my miniatures. So I let her since I was just basing them with sand and Elmer's glue. Something a 6-7 year old can do. It went surprisingly well and she behaved wonderfully compared to the rest of the trip. I told her that these were for a game and she wanted to play it so I said yes. Then I realized that the game (Warhammer 40k) is too complicated for a 7 year old (let alone some adults :P). So while she began painting one of my stealth suits I began to brainstorm of a way to let her play then I realized it was simple. 40k uses d6s and that is a number she can count to and do simple math with. Since I only have Tau figures this makes it even MORE simpler as I can break down …

The Experiment


So I've woken up just a little earlier so that I can be able to write in the morning. I was going to wake up at six in the morning but it didn't work so here I am at six forty something typing away at my tablet. Though this should technically be a ''morning thoughts'' post I just wanted to make it different today.

After I'm done typing this I'm going to go and buy a game called ''Blood Bowl'' for five dollars. Its older but I don't really care as its a game I've wanted for a while now and its only five dollars. Maybe I'll write up a review on it?

Just looking out at my open but foggy window out into the cool rain really reminds me how peaceful it can be here. For me its a nice reminder of being back in the Midwest but it feels kinda lonely since I'm again in a new location so I have to go out and meet people in a new way since I've graduated high school. Gosh, how I've missed the color green! A strange th…

The ''Ketchup'' Post


I realized I've already missed a day of my daily posts but the past few days have been a bit much. A large storm hit causing minor damage to the home and to my vehicle then more relatives showed up to visit us while we lived in our other relative's home. Then people came in to fix the carpet, more so replace every bit of it, which made today pretty hectic. Even through all of this I was able to get that next box of T'au miniatures and come up. With some neat ideas for unique looking units. The current, lighter storm that goes on in the background is calming.

Some of my ideas for unique units are: a stealth suit with its front hatch open showing a tau face inside, a fire warrior shas'ui with a blaster cannon, ''juggernaut'' breachers with extra armor, a battle ready ethereal, honor guard with black helms and purple armor and a few more. Also with all the activity going on I haven't been able to do much painting but I realized I needed to touc…

Tactics Talk


This is going to be a new type of post on this here site. What ''Tactics Talk'' is going to be is a segment where I write about my plans and ideas for my various hobby armies and lists.

So I've just gotten into warhammer 40k and have started a T'au army with the ''Start Collecting'' box and a set of pathfinders which gives me a small but good looking force at the moment. I'll post pictures of them one I've done their bases. So since I was almost done painting this set after two months I began to think about what I should buy next. At my local Games Workshop (GW) I saw the had the ''Infiltration Cadre'' box there which isn't being made anymore. In that box I get stealth suits, pathfinders and a vehicle. So I decided that will be my next purchase. Then I began to think about what I would buy next, again. I saw the ''Optimized Pathfinder Team'' came with a heavy vehicle and some more Pathfinders. …

Morning Thoughts


I awoke again in this terrible bed with soreness throughout my body and slight pain in my spine. Then I get up to feed the animals and go to take a shower after dealing with the faulty toilet that my family member refuses to fix. This has become my morning schedule or routine whilst living with this relative as my parents and I are in interim for our current move. For the most part my parents travel around going to various meetings and such so that they can be approved for this move while I live here.

Its been close to one and a half months living here but I've noticed that my brain and body have adapted to this new schedule. Its interesting how the body and mind work like that. I no longer need an alarm to wake me up early as my body knows to. No longer do I have to think about what to do when I wake up as I now do it subconsciously. Think, is there anything similar happening in your life where this is happening? Its a marvel to me and just thinking about it makes me want…

Past Adventures


I wanted to explain some background about me and one thing that people learn quick about me is I have moved a lot in my life. I know there are many of you out there who have moved more than me and traveled to many exotic locations. I'm not doing this to brag as some think. I'm doing this so you can get an idea of who I am. So lets get started shall we?

Iowa: Place number one, the state where I was born. In case you are not from the United States of America and are reading this, it is towards the middle of the USA.

Wisconsin: Place number two where I spent my elementary years. Very cold but also a very beautiful place. I took many camping trips there and also in Michigan and Minnesota. This state is also where an arsonist burnt down our shed trying to set our home on fire.

Missouri: Place number three where I spent my middle school life. Met some of the coolest friends here and had a lot of fun here fighting with bokken, shooting guns, fireworks, four wheelers and more. Has…



I guess I better give an introduction. I'm ''Jonah'', the author of this very boring site. I don't really understand how all of this works quite yet but a friend told me since I enjoy writing and wanted to make some side money I should use this. He said to write about whatever I want as long as it attracts people. So, are you ''attracted'' to this yet?

Well, here is what you can expect from my posts. I enjoy a wide variety of things like video gaming, painting, board games, martial arts, reading and more. To top it all off I'm in the middle of a large move to another country. Exciting.

I should also warn those that read my future posts I am a very honest person who sticks to their beliefs but has an open mind. If for some reason I begin to post about a serious or ''current'' topic then I will write what I think but am willing to listen to other points of view. I have my government teacher to thank for that quality.